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Dental Benefits - Importance of Using Them Before The Year Ends

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With the end of the year approaching, if you need to make a visit to your dentist, and you have dental insurance, it is important that you not put it off. Taking advantage of your dental coverage before the year ends is practical, because you get immediate dental benefits, but also, you get to save money.

With most dental insurance companies, you are given a set amount of money that can be use every year. While you are not mandated to use your yearly maximum, if you do not use the money that year, it does not roll over, and anything unused is lost.

Deductibles can increase from year to year, and this means that your copay will be higher. It is best to get the dental services that you need while you can which will make your out-of-pocket expenses more affordable than it will be if your copay was to increase.

It is important to get treated immediately when it comes to dental work. Cavities left untreated can lead to severe headaches and infections if not tented to right away. Gum diseases can quickly spread to other parts of the mouth and can cause serious health problems that can affect your entire body.

By using all of your yearly dental benefits, you are ensuring that your oral health is being maintained by doing everything you can to keep it clean and free from infections and possible viruses. With regular visits to your dentists you learn of the ways you can improve your oral health. Overall, having regular dental visits will help decrease the need for emergency procedures that could end up being very expensive.


“Super Foods For Super Healthy Gums”

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As children growing up, we were always warned about the perils of eating sugary foods, especially candy. However, many of us, then, and even now, were not told about the foods that we should be eating, in addition to daily brushing and flossing, in order to promote and maintain healthier gums, and also teeth. Here at the office of Kerry Johnson, D.D.S  we are dedicated to educating our patients about the foods that we eat and the vitamins that they contain which are essential for the growth of healthy bones and teeth.

Foods rich in Vitamin A:
Vitamin A is necessary for the maintenance of the the normal structure of the tissues found in the oral cavity. These tissues serve as protective barriers against the microorganisms that cause diseases. Vitamin A , can be found in eggs, liver, salmon, cheese and beef. We can also get Vitamin A from orange-colored vegetables, like carrots and pumpkins, and dark leafy vegetables, like spinach.

Foods rich in Vitamin C:
Vitamin C helps prevent tissue damage and is vital in the promotion of healthier gums by preventing the gums from breaking down. Vitamin C can be found in all kinds of fresh fruits including citrus fruits, strawberries, apples and mangoes. It can also be found in onions, broccoli and radishes.

Foods rich in Vitamin D:
Vitamin D is essential in preventing the inflammation of gums which can lead to bleeding gums, and eventually periodontal disease. While plenty of sunlight aids in the body's production of Vitamin D, you can get additional Vitamin D from fortified milk, salmon and sardines.

There are many reasons for eating healthy foods. As far as oral health goes, eating healthier is a sure way to get on the right track to promoting and maintaining healthier gums. Visit your Landisville Dentist today and ask us more about how you can keep your smile beautiful and healthy by eating the right foods.

Root Canal

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The words "root canal" are usually associated with pain and discomfort, and cause many of us to cringe when we hear of someone having one done, or when we are told that we need to have one. Of course we know and understand that the procedure is beneficial to our oral health, but the horror stories have already been told, and until we have a first hand experience, it will always be a dreaded procedure. So what exactly do we have to look forward to during a root canal?
Usually when the tooth has a small cavity, a filling may be all that is needed to restore the functionality of the tooth. However, there are times when the tooth is so badly decayed or infected, that the nerve of the tooth, and the pulp, which is in the center of the tooth, also becomes infected and/or damaged. This is when a root canal becomes necessary.

During the root canal, the pulp and the nerve are removed, and the inside of the tooth is then sealed and cleaned. Usually a crown is put on to protect the underlying tooth. Having a damaged nerve in the tooth alone does not suggest that a root canal is necessary. The nerve's only function is sensory - determining hot or cold. However, when the pulp and the nerve tissue become damaged, it breaks down and this causes bacteria to form in the pulp chamber. This can lead to one getting an abscessed tooth, and can eventually lead to swelling around the face and neck and severe toothache.

Here, at the office of Dr. Kerry Johnson,  we are dedicated to doing everything we can to make this procedure as painless as possible. We offer single visit root canal, to help alleviate the discomfort of having the procedure done. We know that people have genuine fears and we are here to provide you with as much information as possible to help ease those fears. Please feel free to come in and talk with Dr. Johnson about the best options available for you.


Dental Implants

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Restoring your smile to its natural beauty has never been easier. Implants provide the most advanced solution for missing teeth, allowing you to talk, eat and smile with absolute confidence. They have many advantages, including their natural appearance, improved comfort and unequaled convenience.  Your Landisville Dentist, Dr. Kerry Johnson uses only top-quality materials for long-lasting, natural looking results.  Call our office to see if dental implants are right for you.

The video below is an animated look at the dental implant procedure:

TMJ Migraine Headache Suffering Can Be Treated Without Drugs

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HEADACHES are one of the most common symptoms of TMD

“We help you get relief from TMJ symptoms and migraine headaches”

The majority of headaches are a direct symptom of TMD (temporomandibular joint dysfunction), because headache is one of the most common complaints of those who suffer from various types of TMJ problems, such as head and neck pain, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), and jaw pain. Most headaches are caused by (1) tenderness of muscles and joints of the head and neck, and (2) clenching or grinding of teeth (bruxism).




Our goal is to gently and naturally bring the head, neck, jaw and occlusion (bite) into neuromuscular alignment. In other words, the head literally teeters on top of the cervical spine, with the center of gravity forward of the spine, tethered to the body by the muscles of the joint systems. Functional and resting head posture depends on the proper tension in these muscles. Movement of the jaw is related not only to chewing muscles, but also to chewing patterns and head and neck posture. Head and neck posture and jaw relationships are therefore all intimately connected, and a change in one necessarily affects the others.

Optimal results in relieving TMJ dysfunction, headache, and head and neck related discomfort can only be achieved by taking into account this dynamic interrelationship among head and neck posture, jaw position, and dental occlusion.



1. Pain around your ears 

2. Pain in your jaw, tooth, face, neck, or shoulders

3. Clicking or popping of your jaw (jaw instability)

4. Inability to open your mouth, with or without pain, in the normal range of motion

5. Grinding your teeth

6. Ringing or fullness in your ears

7. Migraine headaches or any other type of headaches

8. Sinus pressure and lack of draining


There are many causes:

1. Trauma/whiplash

2. Braces/dental work

3. Stress/teeth grinding

4. Dental malocclusions

5. Missing or bad teeth

6. Muscle abuse/overuse

7. Inflammation

8. Disease

ClearCorrect - Teeth Straightening

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Dr. Kerry Johnson has advanced training and participates in many hours of post graduate study pertaining to orthodontics and invisible braces. With new techniques some orthodontic cases can be completed in as little as 10 months. Thanks to CAD CAM technology, ClearCorrect is able to transform smiles in months without wires. Some orthodontic cases will need traditional braces, but with modern technology even traditional braces are less noticeable and more comfortable then ever. Orthodontics is changing and more patients are finding that braces are not just meant for children. The "clear" way to straighten your teeth. ClearCorrect gradually moves your teeth through a series of custom made, removable, nearly invisible Aligners. Thanks to CAD CAM technology, ClearCorrect is able to transform smiles in months without wires. 

"Restore Your Confidence With Porcelain Veneers "

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Dental veneers are used as a form of cosmetic dentistry to correct tooth enamel that is worn, discolored, chipped or cracked, or uneven tooth spacing. While creating beautiful, bright smiles, they also protect the surface of the already damaged teeth which may eliminate the need for further treatments.

Veneers are made with different materials, including composite resin and porcelain. Porcelain veneers has been known to be used for the more serious cases of damaged teeth. these veneers has been proven to last up to 16-20 years.

Porcelain veneers  can be made as thin as a contact lens. They are more stain resistant than resin veneers, and are better able to  and are better at mimicking the light properties of natural teeth. Porcelain veneers are also very safe for sensitive patients since there is no drilling and no removal of the tooth structure - there is no pain involved!!

So, come on in and schedule a consultation with your Landisville Dentist, Kerry Johnson, DDS, and let us show you how we can improve your smile with Porcelain veneers.

“Fill In The Gaps With Dental Implants!!”

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As children, many of us looked forward to losing those baby teeth, as that was a sign of us getting older and becoming big kids. As adults, the thought of losing a tooth is a dreaded one, and one that most of us hope will not happen for many, many years. However, it does happen, and when it does, it affects a person’s ability to eat, hence affecting their nutrition.  It also affects their appearance, speech, and overall self esteem. Fortunately, there are various options available for us to chose from to help restore those beautiful smiles. Here at the office of Kerry Johnson, D.D.S., one of the options we focus on is the use of dental implants.

In the past, dentures and fixed bridges were mainly use as the methods of tooth/teeth restoration. However, in the past 20 years, dental implants have quickly become choice for most people for the replacement of missing teeth.

The dental implant is made from a titanium rod which is anchored in the jaw to support restorations that resemble a tooth to replace missing ones. As a result of the the implant being anchored in the jawbone, it helps maintain the integrity of the bone. Another important advantage of the dental implant over a fixed bridge is that the health of the surrounding teeth is not sacrificed.

At the office of your Landisville Dentist, we look forward to restoring those healthy beautiful smiles, giving you back your confidence and the ability to smile and eat. Dr Kerry Johnson and the wonderful staff is here to put you at ease and answer all questions. Please feel free to drop in for a consultation on the best treatment for you.

Oral Cancer Screening With Vizilite Plus

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Oral cancer can be a devastating, and even deadly, disease. It can go unnoticed until it has progressed to the later stages. However, if it is caught early, oral cancer is one of the most curable diseases, if detected and diagnosed early. That is why the ViziLite Plus exam was developed. It uses technology that has been proven successful in identifying soft tissue abnormalities in other areas of the body. This is the leading oral cancer screening system which helps in the identification, evaluation and monitoring of abnormal oral lesions which may be suspicious of being precancerous, or cancer.

Dr. Johnson and his caring team understand the importance of detecting oral cancer early. If caught early enough, this form of cancer is one of the most curable.  Call our office to learn more about this life saving technology.

Dental Procedures During Pregnancy!

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There are many people who believe that all dental procedures should be avoided during pregnancy. This is, in fact, a dental myth. Not only is it not true, but, it is recommended that during pregnancy, preventative dental and regular exams not be put off.


It was very important for pregnant women to take care of their dental health during pregnancy. As a result of the hormonal changes taking place in a woman during this time, there is an increased risk for developing gum disease, which has been been known to affect the health of the developing baby. Ideally, it would be in a woman’s best interest to visit her dentist and have her gum tissue carefully examined, and have any oral health problems treated before pregnancy. However dental care during pregnancy is not forbidden.

It is recommended that any necessary dental procedures during pregnancy be avoided during the first trimester and the second half of the third trimester. These periods are critical times in the development of the baby’s growth and development. However, routine dental care is encouraged during the second trimester. Dental exams should not be skipped during pregnancy. During this time, more than ever, it will be very important to ensure that your have good dental health, especially your gums. Dental work such as fillings and crowns should be treated to reduce the chance of infection. Elective dental procedures, like teeth whitening and other cosmetic procedures,  should be postponed until after the pregnancy. Also, dental x-rays during pregnancy should be avoided, unless it is a dental emergency.

Maintaining healthy oral health is absolutely necessary during pregnancy. Continuing a healthy oral regime during your pregnancy will help in reducing the risk for any dental problems.